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At Carbal we are official distributors of the most prestigious international manufacturers.

Although we hope that your watch never needs major repairs, we have a team of highly qualified and officially recognized professional watchmakers who are responsible for ensuring a flawless after-sales experience.

Our master watchmakers are fully prepared to service and restore any type of watch, modern or antique.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sure! If you want to change the strap of your watch for another from the same manufacturer, you must tell us the reference number and the back or serial number (found on the back of the watch).

You can also contact us by phone, email or in person at any of our stores in Madrid.

A watch is guaranteed against all possible manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase, subject to the conditions of the user manual.

To take advantage of this guarantee you will be required to present the proof of purchase, dated, stamped and signed by an authorized dealer.

* Carbal repair guarantee - From the date of the repair, all the interventions carried out by our technical service have a 12-month guarantee.
This guarantee only covers the cost of labor and repair parts. spare used in the repair. The Carbal repair guarantee is complementary to the house guarantee that was delivered at the time of purchase.
The repair guarantee does not cover problems arising from accidental or deliberate damage, negligence (impacts, breaks, humidity in the watch cases that are not water resistant, etc.) and alterations due to repairs carried out by personnel other than Carbal.

The water resistance of a watch protects the movement from dust, humidity and deterioration when it is completely submerged in water. To check if your watch is waterproof and submersible under water, you should go to its technical specifications.

The gaskets allow the watch to retain its water resistance. However, since they are constantly exposed to many types of external influences, the water resistance of a watch can decrease over time. Therefore, we recommend that you check the water resistance of your watch every 12 months.

* If you see a little condensation under the glass of your waterproof watch, we recommend that you quickly bring it to any of our stores. The appearance of condensation may be a sign that water infiltration has occurred and this could damage its mechanism.

The life of a battery ranges between 2 and 6 years depending on the model.

Most quartz watches with a center second hand have an end of battery life (EOL) indicator.

To indicate that the battery is running low, the second hand starts to jump every four seconds; this happens about two weeks before the battery needs to be replaced.

A watch mechanism works non-stop 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Consequently, it has to undergo regular maintenance to ensure its proper functioning and to preserve both its accuracy and its watertightness.

A complete overhaul is recommended every 5 years.