At Joyerias Carbal we are always thinking about how to improve the purchasing experience of our customers so that they can access those jewelry and watches that they have always dreamed of.
That is why at Carbal, we give you the opportunity to finance your jewelry quickly and easily with Klarna .

Who can use Pay in 3 installments with Klarna?

This payment method is available to customers of at least 18 years with a shipping and billing address in Spain. At the moment, this method is only available for purchases from our website , except for the purchase of loose diamonds.

When you register for the first time with Klarna, you will be asked to provide a photo of your ID, passport, driving license or residence permit, among other information. This is because Klarna must ensure that it collects its customers' information, and this process includes identity verification before the first purchase.

Klarna will carry out searches with credit reference agencies when you apply to use this payment method to determine if you can use Pay in 3 installments with Klarna. These searches do not affect your credit history, whether on application, if you miss a payment, or if a payment is late, and are only visible to you and Klarna.

Pay in 3 installments with Klarna gives you additional flexibility when paying for your order, as you can spread the cost over installments. If you choose to pay with Pay in 3 installments with Klarna, remember to spend responsibly. Sometimes delaying or splitting payments is not always the best option. We want you to buy with confidence, which is why we have provided all the information you need below.

How does Pay in 3 installments work with Klarna?

  1. When you get to the payment page, click 'Change' in the 'Payment Type' section and select 'Add new payment method'
  2. Click on 'Pay in 3 installments with Klarna'
  3. Enter your card details
  4. Click 'Place order'

How are the installments paid?

You can pay the amount of your order in 3 monthly installments without interest. The first installment payment will be made once your order is confirmed on the payment page.

The second and third installments will be automatically charged to the credit or debit card you enter on the payment page 30 and 60 days later respectively. If automatic payment fails, Klarna will try again in 7 days.

If you do not pay for your order on time, you may no longer have access to Klarna payment options for future purchases.

If a payment is late, Klarna will contact you over several months to try to arrange payment of the outstanding balance. If you fail to make a payment after several months, Klarna may use a debt collector to recover the outstanding balance.

If you are having difficulties paying your installments, click here.

I'm having problems using Pay in 3 installments with Klarna

If you are having difficulty using this method, it may be because of the following:
  • Klarna may have rejected your request. We recommend that you use another payment method or place an order of a lower value.
  • Klarna may not have been able to verify your details against the billing address you provided. Make sure your billing address is the same one your card is registered to.
  • You may have outstanding payments for previous purchases with Klarna. Please try again once you have made these payments. If you recently paid outstanding charges, wait 24 hours before trying again.
  • Make sure you have filled out all the fields on the payment page.

If you like For more information on returns on orders paid with Pay in 3 installments with Klarna , click here.

*Klarna may not always be available at checkout, or we may decide not to offer it depending on the conditions of use. If Klarna is not available, please use one of the other available payment methods.

One more thing ...

Klarna is an independent payment provider, so Joyerias Carbal has no impact on whether your Pay in 3 installments with Klarna payment is accepted or not. If you are having difficulty placing a Pay in 3 Installments order with Klarna, please contact the Klarna Customer Service team.

If you need more information about this service, please contact us . We will be happy to provide you with more information.