Engagement rings: an eternal promise of love

There is no more universal symbol of eternal love than an engagement ring. From the most classic diamond solitaires to the gems with the most vibrant colors, an engagement ring is always the most special piece of jewelry that a woman can wear throughout her life.

Although throughout history rings have been given as symbol of eternity Due to its endless ring shape, the first engagement ring as we know it today was given by Maximilian of Austria to Mary, his love, daughter of the Duke of Burgundy.

It was in 1477 when Maximilian asked the most prominent jeweler in the kingdom to create for his beloved an extraordinary and unique ring, made of gold with diamonds and a letter “m”. This gesture set a precedent in history, being from that moment adopted by those who wanted to carry out a promise of love .

Nowadays, one of the reasons for choosing an engagement ring is the essence and style of the woman to whom it is to be delivered.

From the classic diamond solitaires, to the risky colored gems as Lady Di once chose, creating a trend that lasts to this day, in Carbal Jewelry we have different rings that connect perfectly with each bride, since this will be a jewel that she will wear for her entire life.

Rings with emeralds: jewelry created to impress

The majestic charm of this gemstone captivates brides who are looking for something out of the ordinary at first sight. Its nuances in vibrant green tones give it strength and style for a unique and daring bride.

Rings that evoke romance in its purest form

The preferred ring of the most classic brides who are looking for a sophisticated but at the same time original option. Diamond rings with different and original settings are undoubtedly a must-have for them on their big day.

Solitaires: the classic favorite of most brides minimum

Who hasn't imagined their engagement ring with a classic gold and diamond solitaire? Without a doubt, this jewel has become the universal symbol of commitment and elegance.

Complete alliances, a classic option full of sophistication

The complete alliance is a simple option full of elegance, as it embraces the fiancé's finger with a ring full of diamonds that symbolize the purity of eternal love. They never go out of style! That is why it is not surprising that they are the favorites of the most chic brides, who love the latest trends, but without losing an iota of sophistication.

In Carbal Jewelry we have been creating for more than 100 years high jewelry in an ethical and sustainable way , with natural diamonds .

Discover more in our commitment collection on our website www.joyeriascarbal.es .


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