Diamond cuts in an engagement ring

Those looking for an engagement ring want to acquire an eternal treasure that symbolizes love through a diamond. And in this jewel full of meaning, its diamonds must be valued beyond their beauty or style .

When choosing such a special piece, there are several factors that come into play to acquire the perfect diamond. The brightness of the stone, the shape or the color will be decisive when making this choice for life.

To classify diamonds, an international criterion known as the 4Cs is used . These are Carat (weight), Color (color), Clarity (purity) and Cut (size or cut).

Of these factors, the one that is most often taken into account when choosing is the size or shape, since depending on it, the piece will change its style drastically .

From the classic and sophisticated round diamonds that represent more than half of those sold worldwide, to the most unusual shapes such as marquise or heart, each cut captivates each woman in a unique way. Choose the most special one for her with the help of Carbal Jewelry:

shiny or round

Classic and versatile, and with more shine than any other size. For occasions when you don't want to take risks, they are undoubtedly a safe bet.


Like the round brilliant, this cut is a classic and elegant way to ask for a lifelong commitment. This cut captures the shine and simple elegance of a round cut, but with a different, more special shape.


With its square shape with rounded corners, this cut gives rise to a much wider range of spectral colors, creating a highly dazzling stone.


A unique and feminine shape that becomes a romantic and delicate option. Pear-shaped diamonds can vary in appearance and some have what are known as "high shoulders," allowing the stone to appear more angular.


Between the round brilliant and the pear shape, the oval cut is the perfect choice if we are looking for a more original and unique shape.


This cut was one of the first used in jewelry design, being a benchmark of timeless glamour. With its flat and wide plateau, this cut highlights the clarity and crystalline naturalness of an unparalleled diamond.


Do you know who Madame de Pompadour is? His smile gave its name to this way of cutting a diamond.

At Carbal Jewelry you will find a precious selection of jewelry, created with the highest quality diamonds created by nature, and you will also receive unique and personalized treatment when choosing a jewel so important that it will last in eternity as a symbol of love.

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