What should we take into account before buying an alliance?

Choosing a piece of jewelry always has a special importance, but in the case of wedding rings, it takes on a unique importance, since it is an eternal memory of love that accompanies you forever. Today, we give you the keys to choose your wedding ring and make it an essential piece of jewelry.

In a ceremony, the moment of
exchanging wedding rings is one of the most emotional, since this traditional gesture represents the eternal union between two people through an element loaded with symbolism: the ring.

This jewel, as unique as each couple, must be chosen delicately , since it will be a piece that will always accompany us in our daily lives, and in which our essence must be reflected forever.

What should we take into account when choosing an alliance?

1. Metal and color of the ring

This is possibly the first decision that a couple should make: choose the classic 18 kt yellow gold, or opt for a less traditional option, such as white or rose gold?

Like the rest of the jewelry that we wear every day, the alliances are also gradually following the most current trends, adapting to the style of each couple, tastes and other accessories.

2. Width and engraving

The wedding band that is generally used is 2 and a half mm, half-round so that it does not bother the fingers and flat on the inside to be able to engrave what will become eternal for you. A minimalist, simple and elegant line is almost always chosen; many couples every day decide to opt for less conventional models designed and manufactured by our expert jewelers in Carbal.

Regarding the engraving, it can also go beyond the traditional date or name of the other person to forever carry a phrase that means everything, a symbol, or any idea that is important to the couple.

3. Ring size

This is an essential aspect, since as it is a ring that is worn daily, it must fit snugly on the finger, but without being uncomfortable. Ideally, the alliance can be rotated without much difficulty. In addition, we must keep in mind that in the summer months the hands are more dilated, so it will be tighter than in winter.

4. In advance with which we must choose our alliance

It is advisable to start looking at wedding rings about three or four months before the wedding to do it calmly.

As we have already mentioned previously, the ring size can vary depending on the time of year, and also if we lose weight due to wedding nerves, the size will vary. Therefore, it is not necessary for the advance time to go much further than what we propose.

At Carbal Jewelry , each alliance is made from scratch, custom-made and exclusively for each couple, creating unique and special jewelry. With jewelry tradition and extensive experience in the sector, at Carbal we have a beautiful selection of jewelry that will become your “forever” full of meaning.

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