Vintage is in fashion

Because it vintage Does it awaken so much desire even among the new generations?

There is no doubt that vintage jewelry is on the rise . Vintage is in fashion and is an infallible bet among actresses, influencers, style prescribers and anyone who loves the world of jewelry. Even the Generation Z You have found your new object of desire in this style of jewelry.

Exclusivity , nostalgia, a different design, its aesthetic value and a very personal style are the characteristics that make each vintage jewelry boom. Vintage jewelry is defined as pieces that draw inspiration from old fashions, or choose past designs for inspiration. Trends from the 70s, 80s, 90s... that have been reinvented to return to our days stronger than ever.


With this trend is born the first edition limited by Joyerías Carbal , made up of six vintage-style pieces. For those who advocate a different fashion and are looking for “ rarities ” that are not so commercial, this is your opportunity.

Behind each of the six pieces in this collection there is a meticulous and responsible selection of the materials used in the manufacturing process. The romantic and warm style of a design that has managed to survive the passage of time is maintained. Each ring and each earring in this collection carries with it the value of a job carried out with care, and to which time has given an additional touch of elegance and distinction.

Whether as an investment or as an addition to your personal jewelry collection, any of these vintage-style pieces will be a luxury purchase .

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