These are the gemstones you should wear according to your horoscope

Throughout history, gemstones have been objects of desire for a reason that goes beyond their beauty or brilliance: their energetic and spiritual properties. Discover the ones that enhance your personality according to your zodiac sign, and wear them in your favorite jewelry.

Many cultures have used precious stones , in addition to personal adornment, as an element loaded with energy and superstition. According to belief, our zodiac sign has a close relationship with them , providing us with energetic benefits according to our horoscope, which enhance our personality.

Each precious stone has unique properties, and this will fill us with well-being in aspects such as health, love, protection or abundance.

But what does it depend on when we say that a stone is more related to one sign of the zodiac than another? There are lists, such as the one created by the American National Jewelers Association in 1912, which refers to the stones associated with the date of birth.

Also the jewelry expert Judy Hall , recognized worldwide in the world of stones or crystals, makes interpretations about minerals and their energetic attributions, adding and connecting new crystals each time they are found.

At Carbal Jewelry , we have jewelry that, in addition to telling stories, is created by hand with stones that are associated with the different signs of the horoscope and the energies that are attributed to each one. Find out which one goes with your sign!


Those born between March 21 and April 21 stand out for their energy, positivity and dynamism . Therefore, ruby , with its vibrant red tones, are ideal for enhancing your personality. To contrast that energy with calm and constancy, its combination with the diamond comes into play, as it provides serenity and will help you focus on your purposes.


Taurus women are characterized by being patient, sensible and acting in a search for balance in everything that surrounds them. Emerald , with its intense green color, reflects your reflective nature, also helping to eliminate negative feelings.



As an air sign, Gemini's protective stones are characterized by maintaining whitish, bluish and sandy colors. Agate , thanks to its calming effect, provides stability to a sign that is characterized by having a contradictory character at times.



Between June 22 and July 22 we find a sign whose emotions are directly related to the influence of the moon. As highly sentimental and emotional people, moonstone will help you make more rational decisions, calming your emotional tides.


Leos are beings full of vitality, just like the rays of the sun. With a fairly strong personality, they are characterized by being independent and ambitious. As a fire sign, your best companions will be stones in warm tones, such as amber .


If there is something that perfectly defines Virgo women, it is their pursuit of excellence. Extremely detail-oriented, your zodiac sign stands out for being detail-oriented and analytical. Its stone, tourmaline , will help with emotional stability, reducing the tendency towards criticism or self-criticism of this sign.


Justice and harmony are some of the values ​​that dominate the atmosphere from September 23 to October 22. Libras are people who always seek to be surrounded by people, since they are tremendously social beings. However, despite their sympathy and generosity, they are also characterized as insecure and vulnerable people. Sapphire balances on a physical, mental and spiritual level, giving them that security that they sometimes need.


As a water sign, Scorpio's emotions are always on the surface, so they will feel comfortable using precious stones that help them leave behind those experiences or emotions that cause them distress or discomfort. Turquoise brings intense calm to Scorpio, in addition to providing protection.



Being the most adventurous sign of the zodiac, Sagittarians love freedom and travel, whether physical or spiritual. As a fire sign, your temperament is reflected in natural stones of blue and purple tones, which will act as a compass on your adventures. An example of this is topaz , which will connect you with your own wisdom.


Between December 22 and January 19, those born under the sign of Capricorn are constant, calm and very hard-working people. With its revitalizing energy, onyx helps you have security and confidence to feel optimistic and joyful, eliminating the tendency toward loneliness and isolation.


From January 21 to February 19, Aquarius arrives, a sign with a lot of personality. Although they can sometimes be very independent, Aquarius stands out for their attractive, thoughtful and imaginative personality. Aquarius belongs to the signs of the air, so its birthstones are characterized by maintaining bluish and greenish colors, reminiscent of nature itself, such as aquamarine.



Pisces women need the energy of amethyst to be able to recharge their energy, since they are highly intuitive and sensitive, and dreamers. Amethyst cleans energetically and provides protective light to the last sign of the zodiac, also eliminating its tendency to frustration.

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