Secure Payment

Online orders are totally secure. Your personal data and bank information are protected and no one can access it. If you wish you can also transfer the payment, to do this you have to contact directly to our store "Carbal Velazquéz".

Our secure payment 

with SSL
All data is transferred via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) on our website. Your personal data, including your address, log-in information, and payment details are encrypted via SSL. We use a SSL-certificate with a SSL 3.0 encryption as well as an encryption length of 2064-bit RSA and 256-bit AES.

When a site's url starts with  "https://" it means that your computer is connected to a web page that is exchanging information using an encrypted language. Therefore we can trust the security of the transactions made in the site.

Using Visa/Mastercard
The payment methods Visa and Mastercard Secure Code use password protection to ensure the best possible data security for your online credit card purchases. 

Using Paypal

Pay securely with the financial service PayPal. Your bank data is protected with the latest encryption standards when you use a PayPal account and you won’t need to type in your card details directly. PayPal provides additional customer protection.