About Carbal

Our history

Family Carabel Balsa.

Bergondo, known as the Golden kilometer area, was where the Carabel brothers started their journey on the jewelry bussines. This place is where one of the most important jewels factories of Spain was located, Balcarsa.

The founder of Balcarsa gave the baston to his children, that now run the family business successfully. They were responsible for the opening of the Jewelry Carbal chain in Madrid and La Coruña.

Our experience

60 years ago this family of Galician entrepreneurs embarked on the world of design, production and sale of fine jewelry.

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  • Effort
  • Work

Our commitment

From the factory to the customer.

We offer our customers a unique and personalized service. Not only we seek your satisfaction but also the confidence of future generations.
Elegance, professionalism and careful selection of pieces, as well as personalized treatment and maximum confidence with our clients, make Carbal Jewelry revolutionize the way Fine Jewelry it's done in Spain.


Carbal has beautiful jewelry and awesome watches, high-quality personal service and affordable prices! For me a purchase in Carbal its always a hit.

Alicia Fuster

The first time I went to Carbal was with a friend that wanted to buy a half diamond wedding ring. Personalized treatment, close, kind and friendly, that helps you in any problem you have during the purchase. Ten years later I can say that I am a loyal customer of the house.

Patricia Pita