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Withdrawal rights:

You have the right to desist from the present contract in a period of 14 calendar days without need of justification. The term of withdrawal right will expire to 14 calendar days of the day that the client or a third party for you indicated, different from a transporter, acquired/received the good. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the client will have to notify us his/her decision to desist from the contract via sending the complete form to our e-mail joyeriascarbal@gmail.com. You can download the dropping of the claim form  here.

Tiene usted derecho a desistir del presente contrato en un plazo de 14 días naturales sin necesidad de justificación. El plazo de desistimiento expirará a los 14 días naturales del día que usted o un tercero por usted indicado, distinto del transportista, adquirió la posesión material de los bienes. Para ejercer el derecho de desistimiento, deberá usted notificarnos su decisión de desistir del contrato enviandonos el formulario completo a nuestro correo electrónico joyeriascarbal@gmail.com. 

In order to fulfill the term of the withdrawal rights, it is enough that the communication relative to the exercise of this right is sent by the client before the deadline.

​Consecuences of withdrawal rights:

In case of withdraw from the contract, Carbal will return to the payment to the client without any undue delay and, in any case, within 14 calendar days from the date in which the client informs us about his/her decision to desist from the present contract. We will proceed the above mentioned reimbursement using the same mean of payment used by the client in the initial transaction, unless there is an arranged expressly the opposite; in any case, it will not incur any expense as consequence of the refund. We will be able to retain the refund up to having received the goods.

The client will have to return or deliver directly the goods at Velázquez 45 Street, 28001, Madrid, without any delay and, in any case, within 14 calendar days from the date in which the client communicates us about his/her decision to withdraw from the contract. We will considered that the term is fulfilled if it the goods are return before the deadline mentioned above. The client will have to assume the direct cost of return of the goods. Only the client will be responsible for the decrease of value of the goods as a result of a different manipulation as the necessary to establish the nature, the characteristics and the functioning of the goods.

You can download the dropping of the claim form here.

Legal Notice:

In order to give fulfillment of the law 34/2002 aproved the 11th July regarding company's services of information and electronic commerce. Listed below you can find the general information of this web: 


Velázquez 45 Street

28001 Madrid Spain

Tel:+34 914 318 150


CIF: A78339520
Joyeros Carbal S.A

Area of Application:

The present general conditions regarding sales made by Carbal will be applicable for any contract of sale or delivery between the parts.

If the Sellers of the present conditions of sale modify any of the present conditions, those recent modifications will not concern any of already signed/perfected contracts. 

All the future purchases of goods from the Seller, in absence of a signed agreement between the two parts going in the opposite direction, will be subject to the present general terms and conditions.


Seller's prices are elaborated and negotiated on the base of which its legal maximum responsibility will be limited. Clients have their own means of limitation of risk, and duplicate them it would be superfluous. 

The Seller is ready to negotiate a few higher liability limits, subject to the correspondent increase of the price.

The Seller's liability will never exceed the value of the goods affected in the moment of the sale, except there is a signed agreement between the two parts, expressing the opposite intention.

The Seller remains free of any responsibility over this maximum, even if it has been caused by his own negligence or breach of obligations, except in case of fraud on the part of the Seller.


The parts will try to solve friendly all the questions that could arise on the occasion of the interpretation or fulfillment of this contracting. In case it was not possible to solve all of the above mentioned terms and contions, the parts surrender to the jurisdiction and competition of the Courts and Judges of the city of Madrid, with hesitation to expresses it to any other jurisdiction that should correspond to them. 

Return and Refund Policy:

Once the packing has been opened but as long as the binding has not been removed, broken, teared or damaged the client will not be able to use the right of desistimiento, but will be able to return within 30 days from the date the product was received on his/her domicile. In order to do so, the client have to contact us via email at joyeriascarbal@gmail.com  or telephone, the client will have to provide us the invoice number and the name of the client that purchased the good.

Once received the product, the company will verify its condition. In case of being in perfect conditions, with the binding unbroken, without being manipulating and placed where the company put it, without grated rinds, or blows, without having evident or signs of use, including the whole original packing, casings, tapes; the company will accept the return and will send a confirmation via e-mail to the client detailing the existence or not of the new chosen product if it is the case. In case the company does not accept the return, the product of return will be sent back to the client and this one will take care of postage and handling charges.

  • If the client wants to modify or cancel the order, he/she will have to contact us via e-mail joyeriascarbal@gmail.com before his order has been an shipped. This will not have cost. If the order has already been shipped, we will not be able to proceed with the modification neither the cancellation.
  • The client has 14 days to return the product once it is received. The client will have to pay the charges of shipping it back to our offices at Velázquez Street 28001, Madrid, Spain. As soon as we receive the product, we will refund the total amount paid for the product. In case the client receives a damaged product, Carbal will take care of the total cost of picking up the product in the sending location and the cost of shipping another new product in 24h.

  • The client will not be able to return the product if it has been used or damaged. If it tries to return it, and the product has been used or damaged, it will not receive the money of purchase back. In this case we will forward back the product but the client will take care of all the costs.

  • If the product is damaged, or it is not the one you payed for, please contact us via telephone +34 914 318 150 or e-mail joyeriascarbal@gmail.com and we will solve it immediately. 

Reservation of the Property:

Carbal is the owner of the sold goods until this one has been paid completely.