Shipping Policy:

As general norm, the packages are sent in 24h hours following the receipt of the payment, across MRW or Fedex, with a follow-up number and delivery by signature. Carbal will pay for the costs of handling and shipping, nevertheless the return costs will be payed by the client. Once bought the product, we will provide the clients with a link to track their order on line.

Return and Refund Policy:

Once the packing has been opened but as long as the binding has not been removed, broken, teared or damaged the client will not be able to use the right of desistimiento, but will be able to return within 30 days from the date the product was received on his/her domicile. In order to do so, the client have to contact us via email at  or telephone, the client will have to provide us the invoice number and the name of the client that purchased the good.

Once received the product, the company will verify its condition. In case of being in perfect conditions, with the binding unbroken, without being manipulating and placed where the company put it, without grated rinds, or blows, without having evident or signs of use, including the whole original packing, casings, tapes; the company will accept the return and will send a confirmation via e-mail to the client detailing the existence or not of the new chosen product if it is the case. In case the company does not accept the return, the product of return will be sent back to the client and this one will take care of postage and handling charges.

  • If the client wants to modify or cancel the order, he/she will have to contact us via e-mail before his order has been an shipped. This will not have cost. If the order has already been shipped, we will not be able to proceed with the modification neither the cancellation.
  • The client has 14 days to return the product once it is received. The client will have to pay the charges of shipping it back to our offices at Velázquez Street 28001, Madrid, Spain. As soon as we receive the product, we will refund the total amount paid for the product. In case the client receives a damaged product, Carbal will take care of the total cost of picking up the product in the sending location and the cost of shipping another new product in 24h.

  • The client will not be able to return the product if it has been used or damaged. If it tries to return it, and the product has been used or damaged, it will not receive the money of purchase back. In this case we will forward back the product but the client will take care of all the costs.

  • If the product is damaged, or it is not the one you payed for, please contact us via telephone +34 914 318 150 or e-mail and we will solve it immediately.